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      Welcome to Luma Gardening!

      We created this site to connect readers like you with the resources you need to design, plan, plant and grow gardens of all types and sizes. You'll find tips on everything from choosing fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants that will thrive in local conditions to treating your soil, eliminating pests and selecting decorative accentuations.



      You have a wide range of chemical-based, organic and preventative options for crowding out the weeds choking your plants. Learn which technique is right for your type of garden.

      Weed Control


      Whether you're a committed do-it-yourselfer or want to hire a professional landscape architect, we've got the resources you need to put together the yard of your dreams.

      Landscape Design

      Water Gardens

      Nothing adds elegance and serenity to your backyard like a built-in waterfall. Read on to find out all about the differing styles of garden waterfalls and how to create them.


      Backyard Wildlife

      There are many different bird feeder designs available to boost the twitter in your backyard. Learn specific techniques for attracting the birds that are native to your area.

      Bird Feeders

      Pest Control

      Nothing detracts from your enjoyment of the outdoors like the itchy bites of airborne bloodsuckers. Here's how to kill existing mosquitoes and stop more from breeding in your yard.

      Mosquito Control
      Enjoy all the benefits and pleasures of fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables without the mess or labor.Container Gardening
      From peat moss to potting soil, spades to shovels, here's what you need to know to stock up on gardening supplies.Growing Supplies
      Put the finishing touches on your backyard retreat by adding a garden pond. It's easier than you think.Ponds
      Want to grow a great garden without exposing your plants to harsh and potentially harmful chemicals? Organic gardening is the answer you've been seeking. Read on to discover more.Organic Gardening
      Want to give your soil a boost? Turn everyday household and yard waste into a rich, natural fertilizer which will help you grow healthy, robust plants in your backyard garden.Composting
      Water conservation is on more and more people's minds these days. If you'd like to do more, rain barrels offer the perfect way to reuse rainfall to water your garden plants.Rain Barrels

      Imagine growing your own vegetables in your own backyard! All you need is a little bit of room and some basic gardening skills. Find out how to prepare and plant your own veggie patch!

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